ELEC3105 Electronics|Demand Data

The file Kensington Campus Demand Data.xlsx, available in the Assignment Section of Moodle: contains the demand of the Kensington Campus. The first column in the file corresponds to the last 2 digits of your zID and will be used to define data used later in your assignment. 1. Plot the data over any 48 hours of the provided results. Comment on the load data pattern and results. What are critical considerations we can make for loads corresponding to large campuses / industrial units etc? 2. You are required to design a solar PV system that can provide at maximum power, 5% of the campus demand for the timestamp corresponding to the last 2 digits of your zID. The PV system will be connected to the Campus network via an inverter which is 95% efficient and a transformer that is 99% efficient. Using one of the two solar panel datasheets that are provided in Moodle: 1. Solar Panel 1:  2. Solar Panel 2:  Calculate the number of panels required in your PV system. PV panels and PV modules have the same meaning and are used interchangeably. 3.  What is the maximum power, voltage at maximum power, current at maximum power, open circuit voltage and short-circuit current of your chosen panel at STC (standard testing conditions)? 
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