ELE2503 Electronic Systems|AC Analysis

Question 1  Consider the following Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) circuit. The two main blocks that achieve the overall function are:  A ramp generator (integrator) A Schmitt Trigger comparator You are provided with some foundation circuit theory on the ramp generator and then required to do your own analysis on your circuit (with your individualised component values), followed by a simulation task and a build & test (with a PicoScope) task for verification of your analysisThe Active Filter Circuit below with your individualised component values (R1=R2, R4, R5 and R7) is required to be analysed and simulated. Analysis Calculations By calculation, determine the expected critical frequency breakpoints, pass-band gains (in dB) and roll-off slopes (rates of attenuation (dB/dec)) and tabulate your results. Simulation In Altium, build up the schematic of your circuit (individualised components), and use a suitable sine source (V3) (You can manually edit the parameters to 1kHz with an amplitude of 0.5Vpp). Then run an AC analysis (Bode Plot) for the frequency range 1 – 100kHz and check the pass-band gain (dB), the frequency break-points (at points where the gain is -3dB from the pass band gain) and the roll-off slope rates (dB/dec
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