EDES105 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledges Histories and Cultures


This unit has been designed to empower teachers to be better informed about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education. Critically analyse and reflect on one of the 6 key thematic areas of this unit listed below, examine the significance and relevance of your chosen theme to your future role as a teacher, and identify strategies to enhance your effectiveness in the classroom, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
1. Country and Story. 
2. Indigenous Knowledges. 
3. Indigenous literacies and Aboriginal English/s. 
4. Aboriginal Education Policies in NSW and Federally. 
5. The stories being engaged in, within the Australian ‘History Wars’. 
6. Incorporating and engaging Aboriginal perspectives in the teaching of a chosen curriculum area (Specify chosen focus).
In this essay include the following:
1. Critical reflection and analysis of your perceived personal and individual role as future teachers.

2. Analysis and reflection of pedagogical components in quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. 

3. Critical analysis and personal reflections of the readings engaged in as they relate to your chosen thematic area. This assignment is designed to allow you to reflect on your experiences and learning journey and illustrate how you have furthered your understanding through an  engagement with the perspectives and knowing shared by academic voices contained within the various readings provided, and other material and sources you have independently been researching. 

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