Economic thinking and Policy Practice


This assignment will consist of a set of tasks that reflect the type of practical written work that you will be expected to deliver in a real professional job. The focus of this task will be on using your knowledge of economic policy mechanisms to describe and assess existing government policy and formulate policy recommendations to address the problems facing the Australian economy in the future. You will be asked to present your analysis in the format of the content of a Policy Brief which is a type of output you would be expected to produce in a professional working environment.

This assignment also contains a task that allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the formal institutions, business organisations and experts that constitute the economics community and contribute to our economic thinking and policy practice.

This assignment will also involve some self-reflection exercises where you will be invited to personally reflect on what you have learnt and gained from the course. One purpose of this task is to enable you to identify the professional skills and competencies that will enhance your future career opportunities.

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