ECON2513 Global Economic History II and Relevant Developments


The Economist editor wants you to find an interesting question based on one of the course topics. Her idea is that you can pick any question/issue/topic you want as long as it is directly related to the topic, especially the online discussion articles. She doesn’t mind if you go beyond the article, do a comparison with additional countries, time periods, or other relevant developments, etc as long as there is a clear link remaining with the topic as reflected in the online discussion article or any of the posted course readings. 
The question should be an Economic History question but be of general interest to a well-informed audience, like an actual ‘Graphic Detail’.
Practical Details: 
In your group agreement you have selected which week your group will work on
There are also three examples with a more Economic History focus listed in the Course readings. These are in the print magazine format and arranged on a single page, but you can stick to the online single column format.  
Data Visualization
You article has to contain at least 3 distinct visualizations, which need to include types from at least two different categories listed in the ‘visual vocabulary’ file.  If you want you can combine them into the same panel, as long as there are three different data visualizations.
You need to use at least one data set that has not been used in the tutorial, so you have to source it yourself. Some tips on where to find data are given on MyUni.
You are allowed to do some data cleaning on your data sources outside of R, so it is ok if you bring them into a format that is easier to handle in R by using a different software such as Excel, Stata, PowerBI, etc. 
Your markdown file and code should include clear documentation of what you do to generate the overall article and in particular your visualizations. It also should list your sources, in particular what data sets you used.ore the stimulus. Use the three visualizations to support the arguments.
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