ECON2001 Macroeconomic Principles And Management


Macroeconomic Principles unit/course, you require to write a case study on one of the following Macroeconomic topics. This case study replaces your final examination. The essay should be short and focused on a specific macroeconomic issue. It should use relevant macro data of a country in question.

Make sure that your paper includes all of the following:

  1. This page includes your topic, your name, course name and to whom this report is going to submit and date of submission on Turnitin on Blackboard.
  2. Briefly mention your objective in this case study, data used and main findings.
  3. Introductory statements, the objective of the study, and outline of the case study.
  4. Analyse your data, make some headings and sub-headings, use some tables, graphs/charts. Relate your findings with some theories or models that you studied in this unit. Use at least 4 published or unpublished references for your analysis.
  5. The main objective, key findings and their implications, limitations if there is any.


  1. Write a report on trade, employment and wages in Vietnam.
  2. Write a report on disinflation, fiscal sustainability and economic growth in Hungary or Poland
  3. Write a report on aggregate economic shocks, transfer programs and macroeconomic performance in Australia since 2000.
  4. Write a report on government debt and macroeconomic implications in India.
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