ECM711 Education Policy and Governance

Identify an example of education governance failure within the past 10 years that isrelevant to the education sector in which you work or seek to work. Some examples areprovided in the week 9 learning resources of the CloudDeakin site for this unit but youshould source your own example drawing on media coverage (not personal experience).
Critically analyse your chosen example of education governance failure (see furtherdetail in marking criteria, below).
Write your assignment in the form of a essay, demonstrating your ability toidentify, justify and substantiate (using in-text citations) your arguments.
For your assignment, you will need to draw on the essential readings and at least someof the recommended readings in weeks 6-10. You will also need to source additionalrelevant resources. Please use correct spelling, grammar and referencing (DeakinHarvard style).
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