ECE6002 Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogy- might reimagine the document


To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions.

1. Find a policy document from an early childhood setting that focuses on physical education/activity/movement and health

2. Unpack and critically analyse the resource. You will need to answer the following questions (needs to be written in a Q&A format). Some questions will have longer answers than others: 

1. How does the document define physical education and health? 
2. What kinds of relationships or approaches to teaching are enabled by this definition? (implications for practice) 
3.  Who wrote the document? Who is the document intended for? 
4.  What images of the child and teacher are present in the document? 
5.  What understandings of physical education, health and movement are promoted in the document? 
6.  What understandings of physical education, health and movement are silenced or unsaid in the document? 
7.  Make sure to use supporting research and references 

3. Creatively reimagine the document based upon your emerging understanding, and experiences of physical education, health and movement. You will need to submit a creatively revised policy of how you might reimagine the document.  
1. Consider how the definition and ideas about physical education, health and movement expressed in the document do or do not match with your understanding, and then re-create the document to better match with your approach 

2. Some possible strategies for reimagining the document include:
1. Language (what words might you rephrase?)
2. Visual layout (how might you reorganise or re-present the content to better align with your approach to inclusive practice?)
3.  Accessibility (where did you find the document and how might you make the revised document available in ways that match your understanding physical education, health and movement?)
4. How the resource is meant to be used (if the resource  is intended for teachers, how might you adapt it to share with children to promote your understanding of physical education, health and movement?  Would you be able to add examples of what this policy looks like/could look like in practice at the centre.  Would photos help?)
5. This document reflects your emerging teaching practice
6. Includes an example of practice that children or children and families can engage in that is in line with this policy. 

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