eccdd302b sciencetechnology and engineering

 Design a STEM project for pre-schoolers, which includesthe following information A statement of the topic area to be explored in the project and a short rationale of the STEM project based learning (PBL) approach.  A list of the STEM concepts, processes and milestonesrelevant to the project.  Identify the expected learning outcomes for the project.  Outline four (4) possible learning experiences (provocations) which can be implemented across science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Describe the resources and materials required for the project. Explain the relevant teaching strategies and propose four (4) intentional questions that will facilitate sustained thinking and engagement. Describe how you will organise the learning environment for this project. Explain how the project will be documented, ensuring childrens voice, participation and learning is visible.  Explain how you will assess children’s learning and achievements throughout the project.
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