ECCDD202A Communication Language and Literacy : Digital Technology


For this assessment: Research and analyse five (5) literacy play-based resources across five (5) areas. The literacy kit must include: 
1 x Oral language teaching resource (Infants) 
1 x Storytelling teaching resource (Toddlers) 
1 x Writing teaching resource (Foundation year) 
1 x digital technology teaching resource (Preschoolers) 
1 x critical literacy teaching resource (Preschoolers)
For each literacy play-based resource:
Provide an outline and rationale for the teaching resource. 
Identify the specific concepts and learning outcomes that will be developed. 
Identify the preparation required, how the activity will be delivered to the children and teaching strategies you will need to use to complete the activity.
Identify the literacy developmental skills that babies, toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children (Foundation) will be exposed to. 
For the oral language teaching resource explain how you will use the resource to explore Blank’s level of talk
For the story telling resource explain how you will guide children through the phases of code breaker, text participant, text analyst and text user. Also describe how you will guide children through the levels of comprehension using the resource
For the writing resource explain how you will guide children through the four components of writing to move from the text to writing their own text For the digital technology teaching resource describe how you will use the resource to explore the aspects of teaching Multiliteracies, code breaker, functional user, meaning maker, critical analyser and transformer
For the critical literacy teaching resource describe how the resource can be used to teach the three (3) critical literacy approaches of deconstruction, reconstruction and juxtaposition. 
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