DSGN53314 Process Modeling|Strategic

a.    Read first with an open mind
b.    Read again with more direction and focus
c.    Make notes
     d) Write a short general 
 Identify yourself- who are you, what is your role here?
2)    Who are you writing this to/for?
3)    Identify what you are going to look at – why you are here AND what you will be looking at as you investigate what is going on.
3.    CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS – for this company
a.    There are only two generic strategies: low cost AND/OR differentiation
You can say something very briefly underneath one or both of these strategies that pertains specifically to this company’s strategy.
WHAT is critical to this company in their strategy? 
b.    Think about:
i.    What is their competitive advantage?
ii.    What is their value proposition?
iii.    What business is this enterprise in?
iv.    What are the critical components for their success?
v.    What must they get right?
vi.    How can they evaluate if they are getting these right as they go forward?
a.    Defining the problem is a key part of case studies
Keep it strategic – not a whole bunch of little things
b.    What is/are the MAIN PROBLEMS
i.    Major (life threatening)
ii.    Minor (anything but major but still is a problem about their strategic goals

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