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 Dr. Randy Barton’s bio

Randall Barton has recently been chosen to serve as Chief Executive Officer for Significant

Systems (SS). Mr. Barton brings to SS 35 years of experience as a senior executive, non-profit

entrepreneur and tax attorney. For the past 7 years he has provided strategic leadership

nationally and internationally for successful non-profits, universities, and businesses. As CEO

(1992-2005), Mr. Barton led AG Financial during a period in which its assets grew from $25

million to a diversified affinity financial firm with $2.2 billion in assets. Mr. Barton has over 20

years of experience providing executive oversight of non-profit lending entities and created a

pool of over $1 billion in financing solutions for universities, churches and non-profits. Randall

has substantial experience in administration, advancement, marketing and funding for colleges

and universities and chairing and consulting with boards of local, national, and international

organizations. Previously, Mr. Barton served as Mayor of Kirkland, Washington, as Foundation

Executive and Vice-President for Northwest University (1984-1992), and Attorney/Partner of

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, a law firm located in Idaho Falls, Idaho (1977-1984). Mr. Barton

received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics-Engineering from Northwest Nazarene

University (1975), his Doctorate of Jurisprudence-Law from the University of Idaho (1977), and

has received executive training from Harvard Business School and Tuck School of Business at



1. What are the  members of a board’s designation in a for-profit and not-for profit corporation?

2. Whose interest does the board support in a  for-profit and not-for profit corporation?

3 List 3 basic roles of the governing board members of a healthcare organization, and 3 fiduciary duties defining how board members perform their responsibilities.

4. Which agencies goes after broad members and trustees for-profit and not-for profit  for breach of duty?

5. What 2 primary tasks should be focused on once a sound compliance program structure has been implemented?


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