Discuss why Lionsgate Focused on Engaging Existing Fans Rather than Attracting new Customers to the Movie.

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Discuss why Lionsgate focused on engaging existing fans rather than attracting new customers to the movie. Do you agree with the decision? Because the Hunger Games novels were already fashionable among young adults below twenty-five, Lions gate determined to require advantage of its existing fan base. Having a core fan base may be a very important component of transmedia storytelling. These conservative fans were a lot of seemingly to participate in Hunger Games connected campaigns across multiple platforms. Moreover, they provided associate indirect three entranceway to newcomers by sharing their user-generated content. Thus, Lionsgate was able to accomplish the simplest of each world with this maneuver. It appeared affordable that Lionsgate targeted men and girls below twenty-five. Not solely were they the bulk of the fan base, however, this period cluster was additionally the foremost active on social media that was the pay attention of the film’s selling campaign. Though the corporate targeted the acceptable age cohort, it, sadly, did not attractive to the male section. The campaign’s sturdy stress on fashion and sweetness apparently catered a lot to the feminine fan base, whereas males created virtually 1/2 the target market. 4. What type of social media zone was used to implement the transmedia storytelling campaign and what platforms did Lionsgate use? Was it the correct course of action or should they have used another Social Media strategy?

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