Discuss the four important features of DNA vectors.


13.Discuss the four important features of DNA vectors.

The average molecular weight of a nucleotide (base + deoxyribose + 1 phosphate group) in DNA is 308g/mol of 308 Daltons (Da). This number is the average molecular weight of

A = 312.2 g/mol

G = 328.2 g/mol

C = 288.2 g/mol T = 303.2 g/mol


PBR322 plasmid was used for the transformation experiment

a.What is the size of this plasmid (in kilo base pairs; kbp)? How many bases is this?

b. What is the molecular weight of one plasmid molecule?

c. You used 25μl of 1ng/μl plasmid DNA per transformation. How many grams of plasmid DNA

did you use? How many moles of plasmid DNA is that? How many molecules of plasmid DNA

is that?

d. Assuming each transformed cell pick up one plasmid molecules during the transformation

process, what percentage of DNA molecules successfully entered and replicated inside the

competent cells?

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