Different kinds of Anchors that Prevent Movement of Proteins


Identify the different kinds of anchors that prevent movement of proteins shown in this figure: А: B: C: LA! D D: 4. Plasma phospholipids can also be labeled and followed by SPT. IF membrane phospholipids exchange places with their lipid neighbors every 10 seconds, we can calculate that a lipid molecule will take about 0.2 seconds to diffuse from one end to the other of a 2 um-long bacterial cell. In actuality, it takes approximately 2 seconds for a phospholipid to make that journey. Explain the time difference. 5. The illustration below shows a red blood cell cortex made largely of spectrin but that contains other transmembrane proteins. If the portion of the cell membrane shown in this illustration were photobleached, draw the fluorescence recovery of the green transmembrane proteins. Use the graph to the right of the illustration to draw your answer. Spectrin dimer actin Fluorescence attachment proteins transmembrane proteins time 100 m

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