Design a Automatic Coffee Machine


You have been approached by one of your clients to design a fully automatic coffee (espresso) machine. The machine is to be used by coffee aficionados to obtain a freshly ground coffee at home. The client’s marketing department listed some important desirable aspects in the machine:
1. It should be elegant and it should let the user personalize the strength of their coffee by controlling the amount and by adjusting the grinding of the coffee beans.
2. It should be easy to use, and easy to maintain.
Do your own research to come up with an applicable set of attributes based on your own (or someone you know) preferences as a coffee consumer. A risk assessment is required.
Document all the steps of your design process including any lists, trees, diagrams, charts, and tables. Start by selecting applicable attributes and end with choosing a suitable design.
After completing the design, draft a letter to the client describing the design process. Include your motivation for deciding on the particular attributes, why any constraints were selected, and why you decided on the final design.
The submission should include:

– Problem statement
– Design attributes (objectives, constraints, functions and means) and ranking the key objectives
– Functional structure
– Design specifications
– Conceptual design (morphological chart, comparison of designs)
– Risk assessment (risks associated with the use of the product)
– Letter to the client

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