DD211 Understanding Politics-Formal equality of rights and entitlements


In general terms, the concept of equality dictates that individuals are fundamentally moral equals and entitled to be treated equally. Equality seeks to abolish what are deemed to be unjust social hierarchies – durable inequalities systematically sustained by laws, norms or habits which lead to discrimination towards, and domination and oppression of, certain individuals and groups.

But what exactly does ‘treating people as equals’ involve? This chapter explores five meanings of equality:

natural equality
Formal equality of rights and entitlements
equality of opportunity
equality of outcome
political equality.

None of the meanings of equality proposes that humans are identical. Rather the idea of equality holds that there are some or other aspects of our humanity and/or our situations which are similar in important ways. As the chapter develops you might reflect on which meaning you find to be the most persuasive 

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