CVEN2101 Engineering Construction : Equipment and Processes


Late submission penalty: Submit as early as possible since late submissions will receive a 10% deduction penalty per day. Late submissions up to 5 days late will be marked and will receive the appropriate penalty deductions. Any submissions made that are more than 5 days late will not be accepted for marking. Important Notice The selected construction site must be able to be viewed from publicly accessible areas throughout 
the duration of the term. Under no circumstances are you to enter the construction area. Multiple site visits are required throughout the term to prepare this Engineering Report.
Scope of Work 
Each student is required to visit nominated construction project at least four times throughout the Academic Term for the preparation of an Engineering Report for all selected construction processes and equipment pieces which have been selected in Individual Assignment – Part A. Your submission is to be prepared as an Engineering Report and must include:
1. An introduction of the construction project including its background, its purpose, its construction cost and duration, and site visit dates
2. Explanation about the two selected construction processes are being undertaken on the site,including pictures
3. Explanation about the operation and applications of the two selected pieces of construction equipment on the project, including pictures
4. Discussion on how the production rate and safety of the selected construction processes and equipment can be improved in the project
5. Discussion on what can be done to improve the sustainability of the project Engineering Report Writing and Structure Requirements
In preparing your Engineering Report, you are advised that you are to prepare it to these requirements:
Fill the cover sheet for Individual Assignment – Part B and use it as the first page of your Engineering Report. Each student must write their full name and zID in the cover sheet. The blank cover sheet is provided in Moodle. – The structure of the Engineering Report is to be compiled as follows:
Cover Page
Executive Summary 
Table of Contents
[In the main body of your Engineering Report, you are to develop some headings according to those elements you previously nominated in Individual Assignment – Part A.] 
Your Engineering Report is to be drafted in the following format: Headings: 14-point Times New Roman font bolded. 
‘Executive Summary’ and ‘Table of Contents’ are needed for any Engineering Report. These sections must be in the second page and the third page of your Engineering Report respectively after the Cover Sheet as your first page. Executive Summary is a concise 1-page summary of your report and is totally different from the Introduction.
Page numbering is required in the footers. Nothing else must be written in headers or footers. 
Proofreading is required for spelling and grammar checking. English writing must be at the expected academic standard. – The Engineering Report is to be written in the third person.
You are permitted to use different types of illustrations in the body of your Engineering Report: including pictures, figures, tables, graphs, and charts. They need to be captioned using 10-point Arial font and sequentially numbered:e.g. (Figure 1: ; Figure 2: ; Table 1: ; Table 2: , etc.)
Each illustration needs to be cited in your Engineering Report to link it to the writing content.
In preparing your Engineering Report, you need to provide references and in-text citation to those sources. Referencing is to be to Harvard Standard. For this work, it is expected that you will use a minimum of 10 reference sources. If you are using Internet source references, they need to be properly referenced. Wikipedia is not acceptable as a source. All references need to be cited throughout your writings according to Harvard Standard practice, and a full list of your used references (Author-Surname alphabetically sorted) must be provided at the end of your Engineering Report under the ’References’ heading. A detailed guide can be found from UNSW website:
Marking Criteria 
1. Technical Content (25 marks in total)
Project introduction, and comprehensive discussion on the selected construction processes and equipment (18 marks) – Discussion on production, safety and sustainability consideration and improvement (7 marks)
2. Engineering Report Format and Structure, Written English, and Referencing (10 marks in total)
Your Engineering Report will be judged in its format, structure, and academic writing including referencing to Harvard Standard and in-text citation. Your Individual Assignment must exhibit good flow throughout the Engineering Report in linking what you have observed on site and what you have learnt in the course
The project name is Ridhi Sidhi Aashiana. It is an ultra-modern township located in Sri Ganganagar. The township is developed by Ridhi Sidhi home developers PVT LTD and it is Spread across 18.81 hectare consisting of the biggest park in the town of almost 3 hectare. The aim of the project is to provide users with better living standards with less traffic congestion by providing roads of a width of 40 foots and one main road of 60 foots width. Apart from the size of the road the developers aims to provide underground wiring (new for the city) and all the sports facility in the premises. The township is undergoing planning, excavation, foundation, formwork, concreting, and road construction. The developers promises to complete the project in 1 year time span and the main scope of work from the developer is : developing boundary wall, road, sewerage system, underground wiring, club, sports area, kids play area, and the park. The project approximate development cost is calculated to be 6.5M. The idea of the project is to launch plot of different sizes ( 40*70 , 40*80, 40*90, 50*75, 50*90 sizes are in square foot) the price per square foot is kept at 1200rs. According to the developers 60 percent of the land is used for the plots

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