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CSP25 Assignment 06

Question 1 (From Chapter 6)

Create a procedure (to be called FillRandom) that will fill an array of doublewords with N

random integers, making sure the values fall in the range j..k inclusive. When calling the

procedure, pass a pointer to the array that will hold the data, pass N, and pass the values of j

and k. Preserve all register values between calls to the procedure.

In the FillRandom procedure, you will use the RandomRange procedure available from the Irvine

library to generate a random number and each time you get a random number from

RandomRange, assign that value to the array one by one until all elements of the array will have

a value. Hence, you must do this filling of the array in a loop.

The test program is given to you below that will call the procedure twice using different values

for j and k. You need to implement the procedure FillRandom being called in line #25 and #29

Make sure you have the following at the top of your Assembly code file. Fill it up accordingly

such as the name of the asm file will be Assignment06.asm

; Program Template (Assignment01.asm)

; Program Description:

; Author:

; Creation Date:

; Revisions:  

; Date:Modified :

Also make sure to document your Assembly code.

What to submit?

TWO files.

1. Copy your program and paste it to a text editor such as Notepad and save file as .txt file

then submit this text file.

2. A pdf file that has your code (copied or screenshot) and output of dumping of your




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