CSE 5392 Topics In Computer Science: Secret Sauce Implementation


Part I: Refne Writing (25 pts)

Comments will appear in your Overleaf by 11/2. Refne your writing addressing the comments for your Abstract, Intro, and Related Work.

Part II: Make It – Formative Study Section (25 pts)

Fully create the artifact that your design tool will support.

  • Include a Formative Studysection in your paper and describe what you did and your refection.

Part III: Secret Sauce Implementation (25 pts)

Implement the core technology behind your interaction/tool. Add an Implementation section in your Overleaf and describe your activities here. 

Part IV: Prototype Communication (25 pts)

  1. Obtain the student license for FIGMA (https://www.fgma.com/education/).
  2. Create a new FIGMA project. Open permissions to your document.
  1. Document your prototype using FIGMA.
  2. Add images of your process. Please crop images.
  3. Add images of the prototypes.
  4. For code-based prototypes, create a diagram of your code architecture.
  5. Annotate your images.
  6. Add descriptions of your study protocols.
  7. Add user quotes (if applicable).
  8. For video evidence, take screen captures of important events and add a small description.
  9. Export a PDF of your FIGMA.

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