Critical thinking

. Complete the discussion board assignment below after you have finished reviewing the Chapter and Lesson learning materials. Locate the Critical Thinking Questions and Personal Application Questions lists at the end of the textbook Chapter 8.  The Critical Thinking Questions and Personal Application Questions are easiest to find/review by using the online textbook Chapter 8 table of contents. Review both Question lists and chose one question from one or the other lists to be the focus of your discussion board post (you are just responding to one question; not two). Start a new thread in the “Lesson 8 – Memory” discussion board forum and include the following elements in your post: In the title of your post, identify which list you chose from (Critical Thinking or Personal Application) and include the question number and question text so your fellow students will know what question/issue you are posting about. In the body of your post, thoroughly address the question you chose.  For the best score, keep in mind that your post should demonstrate: that you are contributing to the class/learning community; that your post is of interest to other students and motivates some group discussion/comments; some creativity is evident in your discussion/thinking/communicating about the topic.  Your post should have few or no errors in spelling or grammar.  APA ‘in-text’ citations & reference list used correctly/appropriately (if applicable) and your thoughts are clearly expressed.


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