CPCCBC4001A Building Codes and Standards to the Construction- Deemed To Satisfy


Using a BCA that is less than four years old, students are to adequately answer the following questions. 

Part A

Range of criteria that will ensure that construction methods comply with BCA Performance Requirements 
According to the BCA, describe how to comply with acceptable construction manual requirements when building a Class 1 building in a bushfire prone area in NSW.

Part B

Alternative Solutions to a design or construction problem that will comply with BCA requirements are discussed and proposed Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions (3.2)
1. If a Class 7B building was not able to meet the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions of the BCA and an Alternative Solution was proposed, how would this proposal be able to satisfy the Performance Requirements of Volume 1, Section C of the BCA?
2. Explain the situation when or why would a builder choose to rely upon an Alternate Solution? Give an example to assist your explanation

Part C

Performance-based solutions are identified and documented in accordance with BCA requirements 
1. Provide a performance based solution, from the BCA, for the prevention of surface water entering a dwelling when built with a slab-on-ground.

Part D

Assessment methods referenced in the BCA to determine whether a building solution complies with performance requirements or DTS provisions of the BCA are analysed and applied 
1. An Alternate Solution, according to the BCA, must be assessed according to one or more of the Assessment Methods.  Describe, with examples, each of the four “assessment methods”.

Part E

Relevant Documentation is identified and completed in accordance with BCA Requirements.
List at least five certificates that may be required to be obtained from Consultants, Suppliers and/or Tradespersons and passed on to the PCA in order to be granted an Occupation Certificate for the construction of a new Class 1 dwelling in NSW.

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