CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction Management


Using a BCA that is less than four years old, students are to adequately answer the following questions.  Students must state which version (i.e. year) of the BCA that they have referred to in completing this task.

Part A

Part 3.7 in Volume 2 of the BCA specifies minimum set back distances between buildings and/or a building and a boundary.  If a Class 1b building was to be closer than 900mm to the boundary:

  • State the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) required of the external wall of the building facing the boundary.
  • Give an example of how this wall could be constructed (i.e. materials and construction method) in order achieve the required FRL determined in Question 1 above.

Part B

You are involved in designing and constructing a single storey Class 1a attached Duplex, to be built on a slab-on-ground and with a concrete tiled roof. 

  • Nominate the FRL required for the separating wall between the two dwellings.
  • Explain how far the separating wall must extend for.
  • If you were required to penetrate the separating wall with a service pipe, what is the required FRL for the penetration caused by the service pipe
  • Provide an example of how the FRL of this service penetration may be achieved (e.g. material, product or method of protection).

Part C

You are involved in the construction of a new, single storey Class 7b warehouse.

1) By referencing Volume 1 of the BCA, firstly determine the Type of fire-resisting  construction required and nominate the required FRL’s for the following components:

  1. An isolated column located externally and less than 1.5m from a fire-source feature.
  2. An external load bearing wall located 5m from a fire-source feature.
  3. A Common Wall.

2) Provide a definition of a ­Fire-Source feature.

Part D

For the two plans below, indicate on the plans the location and level of fire resistance for the external wall facing the allotment boundary to provide protection for the Class 1 buildings.



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