CORPFIN7101 Managerial Finance And Accounting Management


A basic analysis of the bond market in TWO selected countries. The focus of this assessment task is to test the students’ understanding of The due date for this assessment task is specified on the Canvas course site.


“You are a bond analyst working for a securities firm. Prepare a report which sets out an analysis of the bond market in two selected countries using the real-world, recent bond data you have collected from reliable sources and the forecasting techniques and concepts covered in the course to replicate realistic predictions for future inflation and interest rates. It is not sufficient to simply present typed or spreadsheet solutions. You are required to demonstrate and explain your assumptions and detailed workings to obtain your solutions, conclusions, arguments, and statements.”

You are reminded that it is an Individual assignment and hence, the analysis for the assignment should be done separately.


Bond market data and other relevant data from reliable sources:

– central banks, Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuter, IMF,

– financial websites

– subscribed databases

The allocation of marks will be divided among the following areas:

(1) General and Presentation

(2) Range and accuracy of calculations and collected data,

(3) Economic analysis and interpretation of results and findings, including original contribution.

A Rubric Marking: Marking Guide lists specific points under each of these three categories is provided on Canvasfor the assessment of your assignment. Thisshould be used as a guidance in the preparation of your assignment.

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