Contract for the Monitoring Project


In 2020 the University engaged OSP Surveys Pty Ltd to undertake the first epoch measurement, and to document a reliable methodology for future measurement epochs. Specifically, OSP Surveys was tasked
with the following.
1. Produce a set of 3D coordinates defining the shape of the spiral groove.
2. Determine the depth of the carving at each point measured in the spiral .
3. Provide an indication of the degree of flatness of the front cut surface of the artefact.
4. prepare a report setting out how the long term project will be implemented, and providing the data and results for epoch 1 (baseline data). This report is to include enough information for another surveyor to be able to capture and analyse epoch 2 data.
A copy of the OSP Survey report and an excel file containing their data (as provided to the University) is provided on the Course Blackboard site.
OSP Surveys was not re engaged for the second epoch of data capture, due to the poor quality of their
epoch one performance.
Your employer has won the “Epoch 2” contract for the monitoring project at The University of Newcastle
(UoN). You have been asked by your employer’s National Survey Operations Manager to manage the
The Client has provided images (a stereo pair) and associated data for Epoch 2, along with the photogrammetry software product OSP (used by OSP Surveys in 2020). Your task is to use that data and software to extract sufficient spatial information (coordinate data) to address points 1-3 above for Epoch 2.
You are further required to :
5. identify 6 – 10 points on the surface of the artefact, that could be considered as “control points” to allow 3D models from different epochs to be matched.
6. investigate if you can make a comparison between Epoch 1 and Epoch 2 data. The client understands the difficulty of this task, but is offering a bonus for a satisfactory result.
Submission: Prepare a report for the client. This report will also include Epoch 2 data and results (ie., your results).
The report is to contain (as a minimum):
(i) a University cover sheet (signed),
(ii) a report title page (with your name, student number),
(iii) an Index page,
(iv) a description of the data use in the task,
(v) a responses to points 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 above,
(vi) results (epoch 2) presented in a meaningful and visual manner,
(vii) a comparison of epoch one and epoch two data – if possible
(viii) an explanation of the expected accuracies of the results you present.
In addition to the written report (and as separate files), you are to submit copies of all (3) output files generated by the OSP software, and an additional text file showing the measured coordinates in the following space delimited format (which has been specified by the client):
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