COMM160 College Communications-author’s main opinion in this article


Comprehension Questions:
1. In your own words, and in one sentence, what is the author’s main opinion in this article?
2. Describe thoroughly what Morton refers to as the “revolving door” criminal discussed in the article.

3. What, specifically, is the cost of dealing with the type of criminal discussed in this article?

4. What does Morton mean by the “rational actor” when it comes to offenders? How does this contrast with the “chronic” offender?

5.What does the author mean by “regular punishment,” and why does it not work for the type of criminal discussed in this article?

6.What does the author suggest as a solution for dealing with the particular offender discussed in his article?

7. What practical steps, according to the author, need to be taken in order to implement his suggested solution?

Questions for Discussion:

1.Mental health problems have often been stigmatized within society. Do you think that if the judicial system begins to focus more on mental health, we will see a reduction of petty crime, as the author suggests?

2. In the last paragraph, Morton writes, “Our challenge is to make the tough choices that move beyond ‘tough on crime’ rhetoric and produce real change (para. 18). What do you think the author means by this? Do you agree or disagree? Explain your responses.

3. Morton describes the general challenges to the solution he suggests as relating to lack of public funding and to logistical complications given the short sentences usually served by this class of offenders. In your opinion, are these challenges insurmountable? Explain.

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