COMM 1007 College English- Logic of an Argument Across a Variety


Target Competencies: 

1. Analyze post-secondary sources to distinguish purpose, organization, and logic of an argument across a variety of platforms 
2. Produce organized, unified and coherent work using correct grammar, mechanics, diction, and a standard.
3. Create informative and persuasive works in which the main points are supported by appropriate evidence.


Have you ever been asked to give a reaction to something and that you know what you want to say, but it’s just getting it on paper that’s hard?
This assessment focuses on critical reading skills. Students evaluate and respond to a source, articulate their own position/argument in response to what the author has argued/proposed, evaluate the source/author and their use of appeals and rhetorical devices, and organize their ideas in a clear and unified way. Students demonstrate newly learned skills alongside previously learned, practiced, and evaluated skills. This is also an opportunity for students to demonstrate an effective use of essay structure.
This writing assignment in response to a reading requires you to focus on the building blocks of good writing:  purpose, unity, coherence, organization, and revision.
1. Read the article(s) assigned by your professor, and participate in discussions on this material
2. Using the Thesis Sheet provided, complete an outline for your summary and response. 
3. Once you have received feedback on your outline, write a draft of your essay, using the outline and professorial feedback to do so. Use your outline to help yourself structure and support the essay. Don’t forget to check review the grading rubric to ensure that you understand all of the assignment’s requirements.
4. Your professor will return your graded essay with feedback.  Using that feedback, note how you could improve your essay.

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