CMSE11338 Financial Statement Analysi- Airline Company


Choose another airline company. 

1. Access fame and extract both british airways and your chosen airline company
2. You may start with vertical and horizontal analysis using common size statements of balance sheet and income state
3. This is only a diagnostic test to review the important components of total assets or sales
4. Make sure you calculate all ratios of ba and you may extract the ratios of your chosen peer company from any other source like fame/google finance/yahoo finance
5. You will have to decide which 10 ratios tell you a good story from an investors perspective
6. Ensure all ratios are calculated accurately
7. Start analysis
8. Focus on providing brief defintion/analysis of whether ratio is good or bad in comparison to ba plc as well as other industry or peer companies
9. Analyse numerator and denominator of ratio to determine which one is driving the ratio result
10. Provide a few lines of solution to address any issues with the ratio
11. Make sure your analysis has references to theory/articles in the area
12. Make sure ratios are well rpesented in the body of the report
13. All details of calculation can be in the appendices
14. Try to make the presentation of the professional – add graphs where possible! 

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