CMNS405 Advanced Communication for Credible Research


Your task is to synthesize the information you have gathered from your interviews with your interviewees and come up with a suggestion or two on how you can improvea businessin that field. Alternatively, if you do not want to think about business improvement, you can write a proposal on how to open your own business in that topic. Pick one purpose so you can be clear with your assignment.
The addressee will be to me. This will consist of 2-3 pages, single spacedand APA formatted (follow the guidelines on the PPT for all the specific components).
Just like any proposal, your task is to convince the audience (me) why your idea should be implemented, so do not forget to use your logos, pathos, ethos. I shall mark you based on the following: proper grammar, clear formatting, credible research (academic research), proper structure, unity and coherence as well as audience focus.
In just a few sentences, how would you summarize the purpose of this proposal?
What, if any, are the disadvantages of not going ahead with the proposal?
What are the estimated startup costs associated with this proposal?
What are the estimated ongoing costs (per d/m/y, whichever is most relevant) of this proposal?
Who will benefit if the proposal is implemented? How will they benefit?
What negative effects, if any, should be considered if the proposal goes ahead?
Is there anyone who might challenge the proposal? Why?
Are there any improvements or modifications you would like to see done to the proposal?
Who do you think should oversee or manage the implementation of the proposal if it goes ahead?
Who do you think should evaluate the overall success of the proposal after its been done?
Finally, assume the role of a decision-maker: explain why you would or would not support this proposal.

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