CMNS 112 Professional Writing- Potential Drawbacks


In TRUSU’s 2020/21 Report in the link below on the Student Budget Consultation expanding course, options were identified as a priority. It was also recommended that TRU, “Investigate and include students in addressing perceived course gaps in established programs”. This assignment is your opportunity to do just that!
Produce a report to recommend the creation of a specific new course for your program (which is business administration).


1) Describe the problem and establish that it needs a solution. In this case, the problem is a gap in knowledge. Why is this a problem?
2) Solution – suggest a course that would help bridge this gap in knowledge. Include a course description.
3) Explain the benefits of your suggested course, supported by evidence. How do you know if this course would be popular with other students, and helpful to them in their studies and careers? You can include the results of your own informal survey/focus group.
4) Discuss potential drawbacks such as costs, scheduling, and justify expenditures.
5) Summarize your findings and announce your recommendation. Include at least one visual (like a graph or pie chart) to support your report. The body of your paper should be lengthy. Include a header page and referencess (using TRUSU’s 2020/21 report and at least three other sources).
Refer to TRUSU’s 2020/21 report: 
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