CMMK 1127 Business Media in Canada-demonstrate journalistic professionalism


A) News Production
Briefly trace the history of this story up to the current article.  What makes the CBC publish another article on this situation? What makes this story, the current article but also the over-all situation, newsworthy?

B) Framing: Journalistic

How does the CBC frame this story? Do they demonstrate journalistic professionalism (do they maintain their position as an objective, independent provider of important information?). Is there evidence of “setting the agenda”? Are there “Risk Society” themes? 

C) Framing: Corporate

The Canadian Bankers Association represents the banks named in the story. Including quotes in the article and the full statement (see link in article), what story do they want to tell? In other words, what is their view of the situation, their message and so forth?  How do they frame their story?

D) Media Opportunity: Journalistic

Analyze the opportunity for the CBC itself as a business. Considering its audience, what value does covering a story like this have for their organization as a news outlet? Consider any factors (i.e., the costs in time and resources, the benefits, and limitations) involved in publishing this story.

E) Media Opportunity: Business (and other)

What about the opportunities for the banks, and (separately) their employees? What value, if any, does getting this story covered in the mainstream have for either group? Consider any factors (costs, limitations, etc.).

F) Journalism Models

How does the reporting in the CBC illustrate the idea of competing “models” of journalism, a market model and public sphere model? In other words, does the reporting show the market model in operation, or the public sphere model? Are their aspects of both? Does one dominate?  Where do you see clear evidence of either (provide support to make your argument)?
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