CME105 Introduction to Measurement of Produce Measurements


Interpret and communicate industry principles and rules for measuring simple construction works;
Interpret specifications and drawings for measuring simple construction works; and
Apply construction methods and measurement principles to produce measurements for simple construction works in accordance with industry principles and rules.
Where applicable, you also need to address any discrepancies and queries and include them in a query sheet for further clarification from the design team. It may require your reasonable assumptions and input in order to complete your measurements. 
You need to clearly identify the headings and sub-heading and relevant BoQ descriptions for each trade.
You need to clearly demonstrate and document your take off measurement on dimension papers. With clear annotations and side note references.
Please refer to mark guide for detailed explanations. 
a.Coversheet; must show your Name, Student ID, Assignment details and originality statement;
b.Bill of Quantities with take-off: detailed, unpriced, must include all general notes, preambles, preliminaries, actual take-off & final measurement outcomes; and
c.Query sheet: must itemise issues you want to resolve and how you resolve assumptions and allowances about them.

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