CJI 6114 DNA Technology the Revolutionized Criminal Investigations

Your perception of DNA evidence being on a jury If you were a member of a jury: would you have a general idea of the importance or lack of importance of DNA technology at this point in your daily life? The jury and DNA evidence DNA; how much do you think you know and how much do you think the general public knows about DNA and it’s power to include or exclude suspects? I know it’s hard to answer this but what do you think? Any surprises (science related of course) ha ha Was there anything that you read so far that may have surprised or perplexed you about presumptive testing and its relationship to DNA typing? I know we have not gotten into that subject yet but what do you think? General question We are about one third through the term. Is there a specific subject have you found most interesting or applicative in the subject matter so far? If so what was it? Innocence Project Subject: The Innocence Project
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