CIVE 3014 Civil Engineering|Building

As a team, research and draft a technical report for the client that explains how you will manage various aspects of the construction of the proposed high-rise building including methodology, structural and environmental considerations and the equipment and materials required.
The following elements will need to be included.
1. What considerations are required prior to commencing construction? For example, site risks, soil contamination, vehicle and traffic management etc.
2. What method will you use to ensure stabilisation of the adjoining structures and buildings?
3. What footing system that you have chosen to use for this building and why?
4. What frame and external cladding system that you will use for the building? Discuss the benefits and merits of your selection.
5. What measures you will implement into the building to ensure that wind and earthquake loads have been accounted for?
6. What method will you adopt to store, hoist and crane materials to the required storey during construction? Which cranage and hoist systems will you implement and why?
7. What are smart building characteristics, and which of these will be incorporated into your building once completed?
8. What are sustainable building initiatives? Which sustainable construction methods/material will form part of this building?
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