CIVE 1003 Construction Materials-components are made outside Australia


1 In South Australia, how might a hot-dip galvanized heavy steel truss 50 m long be made and assembled (e.g. off site, on site, cast, forged, hot rolled, cold rolled, welded, bolted)? Why?
2  ? Which of these materials might be used for each of the following, and why? Be as precise as you can with material type.
• Mains sewer.
• Medical oxygen supply.
•  Hot water supply.
•  Below-floor waste pipes in a research facility.
•  Agricultural drains.
• Outdoor rainwater pipes.

3 For a project at demolition in South Australia, what might happen to the following materials and products, and why?
• Clay bricks in cement mortar.
• Precast concrete beams.
• Heavy steel beams.
• Tasmanian oak flooring.
• PVC pipes.
•  Stone pavers.
• CCA-treated softwood.
• Ceramic floor tiles.
• Glass blocks.
• Cold-rolled steel sections.
• Aluminium roof sheeting.
• Asbestos roofing.
•  Cork pin-boards.

4 What sort of flooring and walling materials would you recommend for indoor swimming pool surrounds? Why?

5 For the construction shown in the photograph, what are the materials, products and execution, and why were they used?

6  How do you think the 81 m tall 220 tonne bespoke pyramidal stainless steel flag mast for the ‘new’ Parliament House, Canberra, was made and assembled. Why?

7 How might the following materials behave when alternatively wetting and drying, and what might be done to deal with any detrimental effects:
•  Porous and permeable stone walling.
•  Softwood.
•  Welded carbon steel.
•  Standard clay bricks in ground contact.
•  Cotton canvas.
•  Aluminium window frames.
• Polished granite flooring.
8 Rank the following products in terms of lead times (time between ordering the product and its delivery to a site in Adelaide), from shortest to longest? Explain your thinking.
• Bespoke aluminium framed curtain wall system.
• Precast concrete beams.
• Standard clay bricks.
• Site-excavated material.
• Bespoke clay bricks.
• Plasterboard sheets.
• Second-hand eucalyptus floor boards.
• Standard English oak furniture.
• Tyrian purple dye (0.5 litre).
•  Mintaro slate pavers.
9 Which of the following products are currently available made completely in Australia, from raw material to manufacture? For those not fully made in Australia, which steps or components are made outside Australia?
10 Discuss the various aspects of durability with respect to the following materials, including ways to improve poor durability if any:
•Stainless steel.
• Softwood posts, outdoors.
•Mount Gambier limestone walling, outdoors.
•Reinforcing steel in concrete.
• Light timber truss.
• Engineering brick.
• Jarrah flooring.
• Cork flooring.
• Bituminous mastic sealant.

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