CADE2003 Advanced Mechanical CAD

The objective of this Mini Design Project is to create a custom design for a Toolbox by using the sheet metal tools in the SolidWorks environment.
T121 students may recreate their personal toolboxes (supplied in EMNG1004), or modify dimensions and the design, or create their own design
The student will create an assembly including the top, bottom and a McMaster Carr hinge (assembly model provided).
3. Project Learning Outcomes: (what the student will complete in this phase)
At the completion of this project, the student teams will be able to:
a) Create SolidWorks part models following best practices identified in this course.
b) Utilize sheet metal techniques to create a SolidWorks part model
c) Create SolidWorks assemblies with properly organized file structure, appropriates mates and no material interferences.
Sheet Metal Tool b ox
School of Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Week #10
4. Project Deliverables: (what the student will complete)
The student will complete a properly mated assembly including their custom toolbox_body and toolbox_lid subassemblies:
The procedure is:
1) Design a custom tool_box body subassembly. Use your EMNG1004 provided box as a model, but you are free to adjust dimensions or create your own design. The subassembly should contain a body, endcap (mirrored) and internal shelf (mirrored)
2) Design a custom tool_box lid subassembly. Use your EMNG1004 provided box as a model, but you are free to adjust dimensions. The subassembly should contain a lid, and endcap (mirrored).
3) Create a toolbox assembly, properly mating your subassemblies from 1) and 2) and including the 15665A096 modified hinge assembly (fits standard toolbox dimensions).
5. Submission Format: (what submission looks like) The student will submit a single (.zip) compressed folder named YOURNAME_YOURID containing the following files:
1. toolbox_assembly (.sldasm)
2. toolbox_body_subassembly (.sldasm) 2a) toolbox_body (.sldprt)
2b) toolbox_body_endcap (.sldprt)
2c) toolbox_body_shelf (.sldprt)
3. Toolbox_lid_subassembly (.sldasm )
3a) toolbox_lid (.sldprt)
2b) toolbox_lid_endcap (.sldprt)
4. Hinge_subassembly (McMaster-Carr # 15665A096 modified hing
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