C09066 Programming For Mechatronic System-system performs as intended


Assignment Background

Rationale: In a Mechatronics System, sensors produce data at varying rates. Decisions need to be made based on correctly associated data in near real-time. Threading and synchronisation are ways to ensure the system performs as intended, with guarantees on the responsiveness of the system to incoming data changes, processing constraintsand system behaviour. Functions that exploit the data require unit testing to ensure they behave correctly.Documentation of your own code allows other developers to utilise it as intended and anticipate outcomes.

Task: Write a series of components using the ROS CBSE framework that will process data originating from a range of sensors on a simulated robot. Employ appropriate multi-threading and data structures to enable time synchronisation and subsequently interrogation of data which allow simple actions of a robotic platform. Supply appropriate auto-generated documentation utilising inline source mark-up. Exploit unit testing framework with test cases evaluating code.

Project 1: Automated Parking

This project determines whether a parking dome, of radius = 1.5m is present within view of onboard laser scanner, and determines interim poses for the robot to move through to get into the dome. The final goal pose is at the centre of the dome (for instance, so the robot is parked inside it and recharging). 

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