BUSI2311 Pincipal of Management and Accounting Techniques


The recommended word limit is 500 words although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.
Use the Harvard referencing system and provide a bibliography of the sources you used.
Make use of headings, paragraphs, and subsections as appropriate.
2-Managerial Report
The report should be written in a concise, formal business style.
Use single spacing and font size 12.
Make use of charts, headings, paragraphs, and subsections as appropriate. 
Support your work with appropriate arguments and discussion regarding the financial and accounting information given.
LO1 Demonstrate an understanding of management accounting systems 
LO2 Apply a range of management accounting techniques
The case of Modern Engines 
Modern Engines Group is a large- sized company which owns two firms: Modern Parachute LLC and Modern Motorcycle LLC. 
Modern Parachute company sells parachute balloons to tourism agencies for organizing tourism purpose in Cappadocia – Turkey which is famous for such touristic activities. Working in tourism sector is complicated issue because tourism sector is highly affected by different factors such as economic conditions, competition from other highly preferable tourist places globally, geopolitical conditions, taxation laws, and the relationships between Turkey and other countries. For example, in order to support companies that work in tourism industry, government in Turkey decided to reduce the income tax rate on their profits to amount just 8%.
Furthermore, Modern Parachute company deals with One-Off Job orders that comes from different tourism companies. Considering all these facts, top managers and other managerial and non- managerial employees are required to upgrade their knowledge regarding importance and role of management accounting in the modern business environment. The following are important information related to Modern Parachute company:
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