BUSI1701A International Business-foreign market entry strategies


You are to assume that you have recently been employed by one of the top MNEs (please see the list) which is planning for an overseas  expansion. As a part of your role, you have been assigned to analyse the company and foreign market entry strategies. 


In your first task (1000 words), you need to analyse the firm to identify the key factors (4-6) influencing your chosen MNE. The supporting statements on the company analysis should be evidence based with references. (30% marks)

A good essay will identify factors that are related to international business environment in general and international business strategy in specific. International business strategy includes both market selection and entry mode selection. In fact, the findings from assessment will assist you to identify and justify potential market and entry modes. For example, you will not select any country in your assessment but you can identify the weakness, such as, decreasing profit. This indicates that JV as an entry mode will be better than FDI. An emerging market could be better than developed economy.  

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