BUS209 Organizational Behavior : Essays and Research Papers


Financial and Investing Securities Market The five (5) steps and due dates are reviewed below in more detail and are as follows: 1. Choice of Topic including creation of Introduction/ Research Question 3rd Week 2. Written Initial Research/ findings of Subject Matter and Topic 5th Week 3. Review of Organization/Outline of Paper [See suggested outline below] 6th Week 4. Draft of Research Paper Review [Optional]-Introduction Draft 7th Week 5. Final Paper Due 8th Week The Research Paper is expected to be a five [5] to six [6] pages and will include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) page in summarizing research utilized. Proper English grammar, punctuation and spelling are expected.
All text should be double-spaced. The following outline [template] is required. Page 1-An Introduction to the Research Paper and Subject Matter; sections should include: i. Purpose of Study ii. Research Questions iii. Significance of Study (Topic/Paper) Page 2-3-A Review of Research Literature on your topic, including WORKS CITED: i. Textbook-from Class ii. Internet Findings iii. Periodical/Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Articles iv. Other Essays and Research Papers v. Other Textbook or Books Page 4-Analysis of Research Findings i. What correlations, conclusions and recommendations did you find in research~? ii. Discuss your analysis, experiences, and examples; include iii. Your own personal findings Page 5-Summary and Conclusion i. Summarize your findings and conclusions ii. Suggest a recommendation for further study. Could you please try to highlight break down based on each week deadline? Thank you
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