BUS105 Marketing Essentials : Inflation and Unemployment


The objective of this task is that you get the feel of a real-life example of a country’ economies and how does it work. Read the national key economic components from the data provided on their government website and write a report with an intention of completing the following tasks:
1. Provide a brief summary of the socio-economic conditions of the country you have selected.
2. Looking at the contents page and flicking through the report, identify the major highlights of the report.
3. List and briefly discuss the national economic statistics of the countries such as – GDP, National Income etc. Also, identify the main components which are contributing in GDP, such as education, agriculture, mining etc.
4. Briefly discuss the macroeconomic indicators of the country you have selected, such as Inflation and unemployment. You need to mention the relevant theory to explain the relationship among those variables.
5. Compare the variation of these macroeconomic indicators over the period of two years.
6. Use appropriate and relevant graphs and statistics to explain the relationships among the macroeconomic variables.
7. Provide conclusion and your recommendations for the economic growth of the country you have selected. Total marks – 30.
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