BUS100 English for Academic Studies Power of Social Media


For the argumentative essay, you needed to write an essay about the power of social media. You were to come up with your own opinion about the power of social media (i.e. social media holds a positive power over users, or has too much power), and explore three reasons or arguments to support your opinion, with use of evidence. This evidence can be facts or expert opinions you have found online, or an anecdote.

Assessment Task:

Students are required to prepare an argumentative piece of writing words developing a series of arguments in order to present their point of view on an issue. In order to successfully complete the assessment task, students must address each of the criteria, considering:
· The arguments they will present and how to arrange these
· The contention of their piece
· The persuasive language techniques and variety of tones they will use
· The intended audience and purpose of the piece
· The conventions applicable to Opinion Pieces Students must include relevant evidence from a variety of sources to support each of their arguments. Students are expected to proofread their work, in order to produce a clear, coherent and expressive response, demonstrating depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of persuasive language techniques. Formal essay writing structure should be used for this assessment task.
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