BUIL 4029 Fire Technology : The Fire Safety Systems


Identify and visit an existing building that you have reasonable access to : an apartment building, office building, shopping centre. The building must be greater than 2000m2, and Class 2-9. Note that a building with sprinklers and alarm systems will give you further data for your responses.

1. Identify the building in terms of:, building height, buildings rise of storeys in accordance with BCA Part C1.2 and construction type in accordance with BCA Part C1.1.
2. Passive Fire Protection measures:

Choice: detail an assessment of the building pursuant to either (a) or (b)

(a) Compartmentation and separation

Assess the building in terms of Part C of the BCA.

(b) Egress

Assess the building in terms of Part D of the BCA.

3. Active Fire Protection measures:

Choice : detail an assessment of the building pursuant to any two of the measures below. Detail the BCA requirements and what you observed in the building. For part b, c or d below you may limit your observations to one floor of the building.

(a) Hydrants

(b) Emergency Lighting and identification of exits

(c) Fire Hose Reels

(d) Sprinklers

(e) Detection and alarm systems

4. Imagine the building had a smoke management system required by Part E2.2 and Table E 2.2a. The system requires replacement and the cost is prohibitive. The property owner wishes to delete the smoke management system.

Do not attempt to solve the fire safety issue of this question , but detail the parts of the process which have been outlined by responding to both of these questions:

a. The relevant performance requirementwhich would need to be met is EP2.2. The period of time that occupants take to evacuate to be considered must be appropriate to conditions outlined in Part (b) of EP2.2. Discuss each of the conditions and the circumstances in your building.
b. Choose one assessment methodsuitable for this performance solution which meets BCA Part A2.2(2) and describe its function and application. (What does it do and how?)

The report should include:

  1. Identification of the building addressing all of the criteria in (1) above.
  2. A report detailing oneof the Fire Safety systems listed in (2)
  3. A report detailing twoof the fire safety systems listed in (3)
  4. A discussion of each of the conditions outlined in BCA Part EP2.2 as they relate to the building. (4a)
  5. A description of an assessment method which may be used to assess the performance solution, describing its function and application and explaining why it is a suitable method for this performance solution. (4b)

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