BTTM4810 Society Environment and Sustainability- Build Community Resilience


Identify an applied sustainability opportunity and get involved. Consider how you can build community resilience by protecting the things about your community that you value most. How can you turn this into a project? The project that you pursue can be a personal project, a project at work, or better yet, a project that involves collaboration with people or organizations that are important to you. Examples of organizations that you can get involved with include volunteering with a local or global organization that applies sustainable and/or regenerative practices. The parameters of this assignment are loosely defined to allow for creativity on your part. Please inform me ([email protected]) of how you plan to apply sustainable and/or regenerative principles in the context of this assignment before beginning. Upon completing your project you will prepare a four to five page reflective essay focusing on your experience, the connections you can make with any of the course themes, and recommendations for strengthening sustainability practices locally and/or globally.
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