BTH1802 Fundamentals of Biotechnology-credible information and research


There are many ways that you can impart information about a biotechnology product or application to interested parties. You can design a website or create a brochure, which can be used as a marketing tool and provide more detailed and technical information than you could ever fit into a small advertisement. The instructions for this assignment are simple: design an A3-size poster on a genetically modified organism(GMO). You can be as creative as you like – pictures, graphs or cartoons always assist in describing processes, but remember that you will need to quote the reference (as you would in any other situation) and stay focused on the scientific value of such information.

You will have to undertake significant research to get as much detail and information about the GMO of your choice as you possibly can. Also, you will need to scrutinize the available literature for accuracy and value. There are many publications out in the public domain, not all of which have credibility. As a scientist, it is important to be able to distinguish between credible information and research and that which does not have scientific merit.

Assessment Criteria

Marking criteria are comprised of (but not exclusive):

• How well you explain what the GMO is
• Why there is a need for it / its importance: including what it is used for and how
• Historic aspects, timeline, developmental phase and benefits
• Technical explanations, operation, limitations
• Prospects for future/other areas/applications
• Relevant studies and references for further information

Frequently asked Questions

1. How do I design my poster?

2. Landscape or portrait orientation?

3. What about word limits?

4. Do I need to attach the questions in the poster?

5. Are in-text citations required for this assignment?

For consistency, please only choose one of the two acceptable styles in your poster.

6. Where should I include the list of references? Can I insert the list at the back/on the second page of my poster?

7. How many references is considered ‘enough’ for this assignment? And must I cite new sources (e.g. within 10 years since published)?

8. What type of sources should I cite? What is the accepted referencing format in this assignment? 

9. How can I avoid the plagiarism percentage generated by my coversheet and list of references?

10. I have pre-submitted my assignment on Moodle to check the plagiarism percentage and it turns out to be higher than 10%. What should I do?

11. What happens if the certain words/terms (e.g. chemical names, company names) were detected as plagiarism and both contributed to my plagiarism percentage?

12. How many times can I re-submit my assignment onto Moodle?

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