BSBWRT401 Finance|Skills Information

Question: In this assessment you are required to prepare an email that will demonstrate your skills and knowledge of writing complex documents. Task: Business document You have been appointed to the role of Office Team Leader for a new real estate agency called Flounder and Associates. The owner is Fred Flounder, he has over 20 year’s real estate experience. The business details are as follows: Flounder and Associates, ABN 01 234 567 890 51 Wentworth Road, Strathfield NSW 2135, phone: 02 9715 8055, email: [email protected], website: Fred has asked you to select an appropriate business document format and write a draft on his behalf to be sent to local residents, inviting them to the grand opening of the real estate agency. It should include the following: notification of grand opening day and time overview of the services provided by the agency staff profiles grand opening offer After reviewing the above scenario you identify that you require additional data and information to complete this document. You need to identify the gaps in the information that Fred has provided you above.
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