BSBOPS601 Develop and Implement Business Plans-improvement in delivery performan


Individual under-performance (coaching session roleplay)

It has become clear that the new delivery driver, Ken, is not performing well in delivering orders on time. In many cases, he has been late for corporate function, losing time trying to find parking and not finding the shortest routes to even standard clients. This has not been the case with the other delivery driver. This is costing The School Café some damage in terms of reputation and may eventually lose sales through customers leaving.

As the Operations Manager, you need to address this under-performance by coaching Ken in terms of finding solutions to reduce delivery time, delays and ensuring all orders are delivered on time.

You Assessor will play the role of Kenneth and will be looking for the following:

1. How you lead the meeting and explain the need for improvement and influence to undertake this improvement for The School Café and for their future in the company.

2. How you provide effective support and expertise to Ken in achieving the improvement in delivery performance.

3. How well you use active listening: i.e. clarifying questions, paraphrasing to confirm understanding to get the views from Ken. Collaborate with Ken to come to an improvement plan or approach for the next 3 months to achieve more effective delivery times. Develop a continuous improvement schedule that provides an on-going review process into the systems and work methods in The School Café. Use the table in the report to perform the following:

i. Outline the system or work process to be improved for each key result area

ii. Detail the strengths and weaknesses of each area in the business plan

iii. What improvements can be made to the system / work process of the business plan

iv. Which people / stakeholders need to be consulted to make this improvement

v. What should the timeframe be for regular review for the system / work process  

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