BSBLDR513 Communicate With Influence Management


The purpose of this assessment is to test your knowledge in communicating with influence as required by the unit BSBLDR513 Communicate with influence. Your trainer/assessor will be assessing your work and provide you with constructive feedback on Canvas. This task will assess your knowledge to:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Present and negotiate persuasively
  • Participate in and lead meetings effectively
  • Make presentations at meetings, forums and conferences.

By successfully completing this assessment you will demonstrate that you have comprehensive knowledge and understanding required to promote innovation in a team environment.

They are different in their designs and requirements. Some can be answered in dotted points, some need short answers, while others may require a little bit of description. Your responses or answers to the questions must be precise and clear. This means you must understand the questions correctly before you attempt to answer them. You must answer all questions by yourself unassisted by another person. But you may refer to the needed reference material if you need to. Your trainer/assessor will set a date and time to submit your response to this assessment and you must submit by that date and time.

Resource to undertake this assessment

Before undertaking this assessment, you should have studied relevant learning resources and workplace documents provided on Canvas and by your trainer/assessor. You should have a good understanding of the applicable legislations such as relating to privacy and confidentiality, antidiscrimination etc. You will also require pen and paper and access to computer with internet to do this assessment.

What specific WHS requirements may be involved?

This assessment will require you to be aware of the standard Workplace Health and Safety requirements e.g. Workplace Health and Safety Act and Workplace Health and Safety Legislation Your trainer/assessor will advise you on these and other legislative requirements.

If you have any literacy and numeracy issue/s in undertaking this assessment talk to your trainer/assessor, they should be able to help. Also, please talk to your trainer/assessor if you have any difficulty in understanding this assessment or if you have any special needs.

How to do this assessment?

  1. Read the given questions couple of times to fully understand what is expected from you.
  2. Answer all parts of the question completely and correctly
  3. Write your answers eligibly in blue or black pen or word process your answers
  4. Use the provided template to answer.
  5. Once you complete your answers carefully read them and check for their completeness and accuracy
  6. Keep a copy of your completed work to make-up for any unforeseen loss or damage
  7. If you use additional paper to answer put your name and student ID in it.
  8. Note that this assessment requires you to undertake some web research. Your trainer/assessor will provide you a list of relevant websites and digital materials you must read through.
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