BSBAUD501 Initiate A Quality Audit : Communication Procedures


You have been asked to act as lead auditor for a team conducting a quality audit. The organisation you will be auditing has quality systems in place but wants to have their quality procedures ratified under Australian quality standards.
Outline and document, from beginning to end, the procedures you would follow to organise and conduct:
A desk audit
A site audit
You might need to conduct some extra research (library books, internet, interviews/ consultation with qualified auditors) regarding the procedures to be followed when conducting this type of audit.
As part of the project you must:
1.Describe the procedures you will follow to select and to brief a suitable team.
2.Describe the communication procedures that you will instigate when organising the audit, ie when communicating with the organisation to be audited and when communicating with team members. This will include initial discussion, ongoing meetings and planning processes.
3.List the workplace documentation you will require and describe the procedures you will follow to conduct the audit include the methods you will follow to allocate specific tasks to the team members.
4.Develop, present and submit a suitable audit plan.
5.Prepare, present and submit any documentation you think the team will utilise, ie checklists, evidence forms, interview questionnaires, report forms etc.
6.Explain why you consider this documentation will be relevant and how it will be used.
7.Describe and justify the reporting procedures that would be followed and any follow-up actions that might be needed. How will value-adding suggestions be incorporated into the report?
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