BSB250 Business Citizenship: The Business Model


You will examine issues of local and global significance, and assess the extent to which current business practices contribute to collective wellbeing and sustainable and socially responsible outcomes. Selecting from a list of businesses provided to you, you will analyse a business to develop a report which investigates its CSR performance. The issues can be areas the company is addressing well and/or areas which present opportunities for improvement. You are expected to draw on academic texts to support your claims.
Summarise the company background in terms of its key activities, mission/vision, and key competition. This section should include only salient facts and relevant details relating to the report focus Provide a brief overview of the business model the company has adopted.  
 Identify 2-3 issues relating to sustainability or social responsibility that the company needs to address. Explain why this is a focal area and provide some broad measures or goals against which business performance could be assessed for this issue.  
 Performance in key areas Using evidence (data and references) to support your analysis and linking this to academic literature, 
evaluate the performance of the company for each issue you have identified.  
 Emerging Issues: This section should identify and succinctly discuss emerging issues that the business will need to monitor and 
potentially take action on in the future.

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